Ariana Grande visited NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston ahead of her concert on Saturday (May 19), leaving many fans speculating that she may have filmed a music video for the song "NASA" off her album, thank u, next.

Grande shared numerous videos of her experiencing the center on Instagra. With a large sign, Mission Control welcomed Grande to the station, where she tried on an astronaut suit with a skull cap — her signature ponytail nestled underneath.

The pop star also tried a zero-gravity simulator while trying to accomplish real-world tasks that astronauts perform in space. She got to ride around in a rover as well, and seemed to have the time of her life as she smiled and laughed throughout her video clips.

She also was able to meet with astronauts and even video-called astronauts from the International Space Station.

“My mind is still processing and devouring every second of what just happened," Grande wrote on Instagram, thanking NASA "for one of the coolest days of my life."

"But I can’t wait to share more," she added. "What a special day and experience. Thank you so so so so much for your generosity and for showing my friends n I around."

NASA shared a photo on their social media of Grande and staff thanking her for visiting.

Below, check out clips of Ariana Grande's NASA adventure.


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