You may want to reconsider jokingly ordering an "Ariana Grande" at Starbucks next time you pop in for your daily java fix. As it turns out, the pop star's last name is not supposed to be pronounced like the famed coffee chain's 16 oz cup.

Last month, during an interview on Beats One radio, Grande subtly let it slip that the world has been saying her last name wrong this whole time: It's not "Grahn-deh," people, it's "Gran-dee."

Yes, Arianators, everything you think you know has been a lie. Just keep breathin' (and breathin' and breathin').

As it turns out, Grande's grandfather, Frank, changed the pronunciation to "Gran-dee" to sound more Americanized. It was the singer's brother, Frankie, who changed it back.

"I grew up saying 'Gran-dee' and I think of my grandpa and I wish I said 'Gran-dee' more," Grande told the radio host when asked to clarify her last name's pronunciation, adding that her full name—Ariana Grande Butera—is so Italian sounding, that she's basically a pizza or a meatball. (Snooki, Deena, come get your girl!)

In any event, though, it won't matter too long which way you say it, because it's bound to change again. The performer, who is currently engaged to comedian Pete Davidson, will hyphenate her last name to Grande-Davidson after she gets married. She might also drop the last names altogether and just call herself "Ariana."

Watch the full interview, below:

If you think that's confusing, don't forget that back in 2014, Grande tweeted that she had found out she's also "heavily Greek and part North African."

And we repeat: EVERYTHING IS A LIE!!!

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