Ariana Grande's new album will be here before we know it!

The singer, who released her second single "7 Rings" this week, basically just confirmed that her next album, "Thank U, Next" will be released in February.

First, she posted the tweet that read "two albums in six months huh. that’s deep. love u. talk sooon." Based on our calculations—and since Sweetener came out in August 2018—this means new music is definitely coming this month.

Then, while chatting with fans on Twitter, Grande seemingly revealed the actual date it's going to drop because she replied "how convenient" to a fan who tweeted her saying she hoped the album would be released on her birthday, which happens to be on February 8th.

But that's not all! She also let fans know that she'll be sharing the cover art and tracklist this Friday, January 25. Moments later, she posted (then deleted) two pics of herself, which people believe might have outtakes for her cover art or stills from her "imagine" music video.

We'll just have to wait until Friday to get more details, but this is enough to get us VERY excited.

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