Are you wearing the right size bra (?) probably not according to the "Bra lady" Linda Becker.

Oli Scarff,Getty Images

Linda is saying what Bra companies are doing is changing the Bra sizes so that women will believe that their breasts are larger and their back appears smaller, hmm.

Not sure the fee, but she goes on to say that a professional should check your Bra size basically to tell if it's the right fit and make sure the Bra is, "halfway between your elbow and your shoulder, if you look in the mirror and you are lower than that, then your Bra is too loose in the back" (Linda Becker).



Tips from the "Bra Lady" :

  • Replace your Bra's every 6 months or so
  • You only have to wash your Bra 7 or 8 times after wearing them

How frequent do you wash them?

How frequent do you buy them?