It sounds like a strange item to lose, but the Foley Police Department found a tent, and they took to social media to try to track down its owner.

On May 14, they shared a photo of what appears to be a small four person tent that's grey and white with red around the poles. The tent was found collapsed on the ground but seems to be in good condition.

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Someone placed a brick or rock on top of the tent to hold it down to the ground and keep from blowing away in the wind.

The Foley Police Department didn't include many details as to where they found the tent. However, if you recently lost one, you're asked to contact their department.

The City of Foley also shared a photo of the missing tent on their official Facebook page. They had a little fun with it writing, "Are you missing a tent? Then Foley PD has some impor-tent information for you. *rim shot* (sorry. Not my best pun.)

If you think this could be your tent, you're asked to contact the Foley Police Department at 32-968-7201.


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