I laughed so hard when I read the definition.

My wife and I attended the annual Dells on Tap craft beer festival in the Wisconsin Dells this past weekend.

It was a pretty normal craft beer festival, all things considered, though there were also some tell-tale signs that we were in Wisconsin. Like, for instance, the high number of Packers fans. There was also a strange cheer people did: at intervals, one person would randomly hold his glass up high and begin yelling, to which everyone else would follow suit, raising their glasses and yelling, the cheers crescendoing before tapering off in a strange communal act of camaraderie. Everyone would then carry on until someone began it all over again. But I think the most tell-tale sign that we were in Wisconsin was something I found during a bathroom break.

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Media Staff

While making a trip to the porta-potty (sorry if this is TMI for you) I looked down to find a dollar bill in the urinal. Stamped across it were the words "Urinal Dollar."  Later, as my wife and I were preparing to leave, I made one last visit to the John (a different one than before) and found another urinal dollar. Now, I'd never seen these "urinal dollars" before; were they a "Wisconsin thing," a beer festival thing, a bar thing or just a joke? I turned to my favorite (irreverent) go-to source Urban Dictionary to find out:


Needless to say, my wife and I got a pretty good laugh. We didn't hang around long enough to find out how many urinal dollars disappeared over the course of the event, but we were in Wisconsin, so it's anyone's guess (and, for the record, I didn't claim any of them myself)!

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