Two heart broken celebrities finding comfort in each other via text messaging. See, celebrities are really just like you and I.

Even if this isn't true, it still shows everyone needs a friend to lean on from time to time. A Source says Rihanna has been texting Robert Pattinson. Rihanna thinks Rob is very cute and never pursued him because he was dating Kristen Stewart. Now it looks like Rihanna can go in and make her move.

Rihanna apparently got his number through a mutual friend and has been sending "sexy, funny texts" to cheer him up. But is Rob down for some lovin from Rihanna?

The source says Rob has been blowing her off. It's his friends that are pushing him to go for it saying it's his time to enjoy life again. That is true, but you can't force something on someone when they don't want it. Time will heal a broken heart. When Rob is ready, he will make his move. Nothing more awkward than being on a date when there is no chemistry or one person isn't into it.

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