I LOVE garage sale-ing. It's one of the reasons I look forward to spring. I find hosting a garage sale equally as fun as browsing through other people's yard sales.

This past weekend the neighborhood I live in had their annual garage sales. My husband Dave and I decided to host one. We went to the store and bought signs, price stickers, garage organizers, etc. We even stopped at the bank to make sure we had smaller bills for change. We were ready. We opened our sale and had zero people stop by in the first hour we were open.

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At that point I decided to take pictures of some of our things and put it on the St. Cloud Garage Sale Facebook page. Within minutes I had offers to buy some of my junk.

We made two dollars at our garage sale the entire time it was open. The online sale made us about twenty bucks in the first half hour that our items were posted.

My mom's neighborhood used to have a HUGE neighborhood garage sale every year. I stopped by her house on Saturday during their annual sale. It was actually surprising how little sales there were and how small the crowd was. When I was a teenager, you couldn't find parking on our block that weekend. This past Saturday you could have parked nearly anywhere you wanted.

Are garage sales becoming a thing of the past? Are online sales replacing my springtime tradition?

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