WAITE PARK -- A Waite Park hair studio has begun a new chapter.

Arbor Hair Studio moved into their new location off of Highway 23 last week.

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Owner Michelle Meier says they had outgrown their current space and with their lease expiring, felt this was the opportunity they needed to grow the business.

She says when they were designing the space, they wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere for both their clients and staff.

We really focus on not just client experience, but we want to create a space that is really comfortable and peaceful for the staff. I think that sets us apart.

Arbor Hair Studio is a certified Greencircle Salon, which means they can recycle just about everything from papers, plastics, aerosol cans, and used foils with hair color still on them.

Meier says they are still getting used to their new space, but she does plan to hire more stylists. She says they also have enough room for independent stylists to rent a chair.

She says with the larger footprint, they can also provide several new services for their clients.

My main purpose in creating this space was to provide something on a whole different approach.  Adding services that may not be the normal services you find within a salon.

Some of those new services include massages, lashes, make-up, and spray tans. Arbor also has a private room, called The Grove, which can be reserved for weddings, prom or other events.

Meier says it's been an incredible journey to get to this point and she's excited to share their new space with the community.

Arbor Hair Studio is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Arbor Hair Studio

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