If you were driving around St. Cloud, actually Waite Park, this past weekend specifically on Waite Avenue and 2nd Street, you would have encountered a blinking red light.  The light was not functioning correctly all weekend.  It was best to just avoid that area if at all possible.  Traffic was backed up at some points from Cash Wise to Granite City Food and Brewery.  Very inconvenient if you were needing to get anywhere in a short amount of time.

As I discovered, not everyone knows how this works - when a normal traffic light reverts to a blinking red light. What do you do?  You treat the light as if it were just a normal four way stop. It was very evident that not everyone understands this practice.

 At  a 4-way stop, the first car to arrive at the intersection receives the right of way. It doesn’t matter where the vehicle is located or what direction it is traveling, this rule will always apply when someone has clearly arrived at the stop sign first. However,  be wary of aggressive or distracted drivers that may dismiss this rule.

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There were some people who would just stop quickly, and then go.  Not waiting for anyone else at the intersection to go. In other words, not waiting their turn.  Then there was also the opposite problem. There were people who would stop, and then not go when it was clearly their turn to move.  Everyone being "Minnesota Nice" and waving others through.  Then the worst problem, which is what I encountered... someone just blowing right through the thing and not stopping at all.  Like a blinking red light is equal to a blinking yellow light.  Not the same, by the way.

I know that some people don't think that everyone should have a drivers license.  I am all for it, for the record.  Why?  Because people who don't have a license are driving anyway in some cases.  Wouldn't you want everyone who is on the road knowing the rules of the road?  That saves all involved, or at least helps to save all involved.  Obviously accidents happen.  But if you know the rules of the road, and you follow those rules, accidents can be prevented.  Just my opinion.

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