Apollo High School in St. Cloud has an annual tradition of letting their senior class decorate the giant rock in front of the school. It's a different creative theme every year.

With students across the state distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many people thought the senior rock tradition would be canceled as well.

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On Tuesday, May 19 the school district shared a photo of the newly decorated rock honoring the senior class of 2020! The coronavirus has canceled many traditions, but this is one that smashed the virus out of the park...literally.

The district wrote, "Apollo's senior class of 2020 has updated the graduation rock. #classof2020 #IAMApollo #IAM742"

The design likely looks very different than the senior class would have envisioned it looking at the beginning of the school year.

The new picture shows an Eagles baseball player hitting the virus (which looks like a baseball) with a bat. It's captioned with the words, "Class of 2020 Strong". Hopefully the player hit the virus far, far away from us!

The photo is a great metaphor for seniors across Minnesota. They've totally handled the pandemic like champions. I mean, think about all the experiences they've missed out on. Some had their sports seasons cut short or canceled. They missed out on a traditional prom, they won't get to graduate the way they always thought they would. And, they lost out on months of precious time with their friends. They've sacrificed a lot to help keep the vulnerable community safe.

One thing is for sure, the seniors this year are rock stars knocking the coronavirus situation out of the park!

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