The women's clothing store chain, Charlotte Russe, just announced they'll be closing down all of their stores, including the St. Cloud location, and filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Shopko recently announced bankruptcy and the closing of their St. Cloud locations too. On top of that, JC Penny recently announced the pending closing of some of their stores...but, for now, the St. Cloud store remains safe (emphasis on the "for now"). Sears has been closed at the Crossroads Mall for months.


What the heck is going on?! Am I the only person whose upset that all of these stores that I shop at are closing down? I know that online shopping is gaining popularity, but am I really one of the only people in the world who prefers to shop in person?

I don't like the way things seem to be trending. Do you prefer online shopping to shopping in person? Comment your thoughts below!

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