First of all, I am not here to call you names. I have seen enough of that already today. I am here to tell you that you did the right thing, you went out and voted in the election.

Every American has the right to vote. It is part of being a citizen of this great nation, we all have the right to voicing our opinion. Last night we all went and voted for who we wanted to run our country for the next four years. The citizens voted, and the electoral college voted, and the consensus is that Donald Trump is to be our next president.

one of the people that voted for President Trump, you might feel a bit attacked when checking your social media accounts. Numerous celebrities have voiced their opinion about the election results (which is fine, see comments above) but not many have been in support of our new leader.

I personally never thought Trump would have a fighting chance. But here he is, soon to be the leader of the USA. So good on you Trump voter. You went out and made your opinion heard, and your vote went towards the man who will be in charge for the foreseeable future. I just hope you handle yourself with more class than the "haters" on social media. Be proud of our country and its future. And maybe stay off Facebook until this all blows over. There will be funny cat videos waiting on the other side!

- Abbey

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