I hear what you are thinking. Outrageous right?! Who would spend that amount of money on a topless photo of Angelina Jolie? Come one now, you know better. Someone will!

An old picture of Angelina topless with a horse will be heading to an auction in London next month. Experts think that it will sell for $53,000. Yes, the price of a new SUV. The picture was taken by celebrity photographer David LaChapelle back in 2001, when Angelina still had her "Billy Bob" tattoo. That just proves that the picture is not a recent one.

You can click here to see the image. You don't see any naughty parts from Angie, although the horse is pretty close to biting off her boob.

I'm sure you can agree that we could all spend the $53,000 on something much more important that a topless picture of Angelia. I don't care if she's not all wild and free like she used to be, whoever buys this must have way too much money.

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