The video for Amy Winehouse‘s ‘Our Day Will Come,’ from her posthumous ‘Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures‘ album, lands with a heavy heart. The vid, a montage of clips spanning Winehouse’s career and featuring the British soul diva in a variety of different scenarios ranging from her videos to live performances to backstage footage, reminds us of the talent we lost way too soon.

Winehouse is shown in all her massive beehive and black winged eyeliner glory. She prances by in an assortment of girly dresses with dangerously short hems, which she often paired with ballet flats or some killer heels. Her unique style is clearly evident as the video flashes through images of her.

We found ourselves being wistful for the singer, who died on July 23 at the tender age of 27 due to alcohol overconsumption. The video vacillates between color and black and white, and presents a panoramic view of Winehouse.

We follow Winehouse as she ascends staircases, collects Grammys, turns heads, lays in bed, hangs in a bar, applies that thick-as-a-brick eyeliner and flirts with dudes. She is so full of life and of song.

And about that song? Well, it’s erected on a reggae groove and it’s less smoky and bluesy than fans are used to hearing from her. Her voice is soft and uber-femme, like those dresses she favors. It offers a hint of Winehouse’s expansive range as an artist.

The video straddles the line between celebration and sadness, since we get to enjoy some of her lasting legacy via the song and to share snapshots of her career. However, once the last shot fades out, you’ll feel a wash of sadness, since this is all we have left of her.

Watch Amy Winehouse ‘Our Day Will Come’ Video

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