A member of an Amish community in Michigan took a hint from Uber, and is now towing around passengers with his horse and buggy! The man who started it is named Timothy Hochstedler. The original intent for his service was to make ride sharing more scenic, give people a new experience, and share some stories along the way. Rides are just $5, and riders get a chance to see Colon, Michigan without the distraction of driving a car, plus the added bonus of having a local be your guide.


Timothy obviously isn't associated with Uber, Amish people typically live without modern technology, so if you are in Colon and want an Amish Uber ride, you just gotta flag down Tim and hop in the buggy.

Long Prairie is a town here in Central Minnesota with a large Amish population. Could this be an option for transportation around that area? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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