Bosom buddies Phillip Phillips and Heejun Han are battling it out for the title of ‘American Idol,’ and now the two hams are opening up about their upcoming Billy Joel covers.

The Top 10 theme will be tackled tonight (March 21), and from Han’s description of ‘New York State of Mind,’ it’s likely that he’ll be singing the hit on the ‘Idol’ stage. “Billy Joel has been my idol for lots of years,” the Flushing, Queens native tells Hollywood Life. “He’s been doing a lot of things in New York, and I’ve been doing a lot of things in New York so we have a lot in common.”

He continues, “I love the song that he wrote about New York. Literally, whenever we listen to the song it’s literally like looking at a book about New York.”

Phillips, on the other hand, wasn’t as familiar with the piano man. “It was interesting, I only knew a handful of songs from him, and I just went through a whole bunch of songs and finally found a few that I like,” he admits. “Finally found one, I messed with it and kind of made it my own.”

Hmm … could it be ‘Big Shot’? ‘You May Be Right’? ‘Uptown Girl’? We’ll see what selections the guys take on when ‘American Idol’ airs tonight on FOX at 8PM.

Watch Phillip Phillips and Heejun Han Talk About Their Billy Joel Covers

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