The modern day Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan copycat, actress turned Twitter-aholic Amanda Bynes just can't catch a break. But, does she deserve one?

Last week is was Perez Hilton taking the heat for reporting on Amanda Bynes. The two even got into a Twitter battle. This week Amanda is taking the heat and pointing it towards US Weekly.

Again, she took to Twitter this weekend to say that what "US" is reporting false information about her.

"Yet again, I'm suing @UsWeekly for writing another false story. NOTHING is wrong with me! All Trash mags - contact me personally since you r talking to people I DON'T KNOW then claiming they know me. Please say names of those supposed sources, they sound like you made them up like the crazy person you're trying to portray me as in your ugly magazine."

It seems that every other day there is a new story about about Amanda how she's going crazy, but she does make a really good point. If you are going to credit "sources," name them! If it was her mother, say it. If it was her neighbor, say it! And not just with stories about Amanda, with every story. Hundreds of stories get released daily citing souces, but we never know who. Half the time it is made up information!

I think Amanda should do an interview if she wants to clear her name. Are the tabloids telling the truth and it just hurts to know that your life is spiraling out of control, or are they lies and you just want to live a normal life? Come clean and get it out in the open. Lets hear it from the direct source. As Amanda put it, one of the "trash Mags" should do an exclusive interview with Amanda and hook her up to a lie detector and let's find out if she needs help, or are people dragging her name in the mud.