UNDATED (WJON News) -- There is an effort underway to save the AM dial on your vehicle's dashboard.

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Wendy Paulson is the President of the Minnesota Association of Broadcasters. She says AM radio is slowly being removed from the dashboards of some new models. She says Ford just disclosed last month it is phasing out AM dials on its new models.

Paulson says the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations has launched an effort to slow or stop the removal.

We believe that the auto manufacturers really want to make sure that consumers have access to very important information that AM can deliver in times of crisis.  We believe that an education campaign, with the help of congress, will go a long way.

She says while many AM radio stations have FM translators now, that signal doesn't go as far as the AM signal.  There are also online streaming options, but they may not be reliable in a disaster.  And in times of an emergency AM stations can be a lifeline to the community.

They are economic drivers for the businesses in their communities.  Without those AM stations - and also the FM stations - how do you get the word out that you're having a sale, or whatever it is going on in your community.

Paulson says there are over 40 million AM listeners nationwide each week.

Vehicle manufacturers' most electric vehicles have interference with the AM radio reception.

Paulson says listeners can reach out to their members of Congress if they want to help save AM radio on the vehicle dashboards.

There are just over 100 AM radio stations in Minnesota including AM 1240 WJON and AM 1390 KXSS here at Townsquare Media in St. Cloud.


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