You've probably seen people holding signs advertising for Costco over the last few weeks. If you haven't, you likely live under a rock or don't frequent central Minnesota.

It feels like they're at EVERY street corner. I drive several different routes to work depending on road construction and my son's daycare schedule. Costco has been present on every route I take. It's become a game I play in the try and find where they're at that day.


They were outside of Hennen's Furniture for several days, they were camped out near Sok's Rapid Car Wash, they were hanging out on Benton Drive in Sauk Rapids multiple days. They were even outside of the Blue Line in Sartell last week. Heck, they were even camped out in my living room for a few days and were tabling in my front yard trying to sign me up for a membership...ok, maybe they weren't at the last two locations...but, it feels like they are everywhere.

I thought maybe they were just owning the St. Cloud area until I went on a trip out of town this weekend. A group of women were tabling for Costco in Royalton. Now, I'm convinced they're stocking me.

Have you been seeing them everywhere?! I'm excited for the new store to open on Saturday, June 29...but, I'll be sad because I won't be able to play 'where's Costco at today' in my car anymore.

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