The 42nd season of Saturday Night Live kicked off live from New York City last night (October 1), and just as anticipated, the cold open was dedicating to satirizing the September 26 presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Emmy winner Kate McKinnon, who thanked the democratic nominee during her Emmy speech last month, was spot-on as an enthusiastic, overly prepared Clinton, while Trump was portrayed with ill-tempered, pursed-lip aplomb by Alec Baldwin, who NBC announced will play the business tycoon throughout the duration of the election cycle.

Baldwin in particular was superbly cast as the crusty, self-congratulatory GOP nominee, skewering everything from Trump's pronunciation of China to his constant denial of facts. As he continued to flail onstage, bringing up Rosie O'Donnell and going so far as to blame his poor debate skills on a "broken" microphone ("[Clinton] broke it, with Obama..."), McKinnon's Clinton could barely contain her glee in watching her opponent self-destruct.

Watch below:

But the opening wasn't the only hilarious political moment of the evening: Later, Larry David resurrected his beloved Bernie Sanders caricature during a Family Feud-themed sketch, in which Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie, the season premiere host, played Trump's daughter Ivanka. Take a look, below:

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