"Mary Kate and Ashley would be so proud of us!"

In a nearly year-old video, self-proclaimed "aggressively average travel vlogger" Taylor Christy reminds us just how cool the Mall of America is the first time you visit.

The resurfaced video starts with a clip from the Mary Kate and Ashley episode where their cousin offers to take them to the Mall of America:

"I'm going on a shopping trip to Mall of America in Minneapolis, and your mom said you could go with me! Do you wanna go?"

The video then documents Christy and his...wife? girlfriend? partner? we never find out what her relationship is...flying to Minnesota to see MOA for themselves.

"Wow, look at me!" Taylor says as he films himself selfie-style in front of the MOA entrance, "Is it evident I'm not from here?" (for the record, we don't know where he's from. His Instagram bio simply reads "Agressively average travel vlogger...
Guitar/vocals for @beyond_this_band."

Together, the two spend most of their time at MOA ooh-ing and aah-ing over Nickelodeon Universe and playing Rock of Ages Blacklight MiniGolf.

Maybe it's just me and the whole glitz and glamour of the Mall of America has worn off. As a Minnesotan, I find Christy's video almost funny to watch. Mary Kate and Ashley's episode, though...

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