Adam Lambert finds himself in a futuristic, mind-controlling lab environment in the video for his latest single, ‘Never Close Our Eyes.’ The singer leads a rebellion among a group of oppressed inmates forced to wear drab clothes, wait in line to receive special pills, and perform mindless chores.

The video is just as edgy as it seemed from the 17-second teaser released last week. Lambert wakes up in a dark room and somehow has a flawless head of hair when he pulls back his hoodie. Later, he and the other subjects are scrubbing floors when he stands and sings, “Why can’t we just live life with no consequence / And always live in the now.” Several of his zombified friends stop their work and begin dancing.

Though cameras track their every move, Lambert leads a small group of inmates who want to escape. At the gates, they are met by security forces, who spray a cloudy gas to repel the troublemakers. Lambert seems immune to the gas, though, thanks to an invisible force-field surrounding him that turns blue when it comes in contact with the spray.

Suddenly, Adam and his pals are shown in a glitzy dance sequence. Lambert wears a bright red blazer, and his posse has also ditched the dreary garb in favor of club wear. The clip never returns to the lab setting, leaving viewers to ponder the meaning of the video, most likely a metaphor for breaking free of one’s personal chains and living life without fear.

‘Never Close Our Eyes’ is the second single from Lambert’s ‘Trespassing,’ which currently reigns as the No. 1 album in the country.

Watch the Adam Lambert ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Video

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