If you find entertainment in others' sheer terror, then you're in luck.

Townsquare Media recently took a fun-day trip to Valleyfair Amusement Park in Shakopee, and I took the opportunity to prove my physical and moral courage.

At least, that was my intention.

It had been about five years since I'd last ridden a roller coaster, and apparently my nerves of steel had gotten soft. We started the morning on Steel Venom -- a U-shaped track of death that shoots you forward at 68 mph in less than four seconds, up a corkscrew, then back down and up the back-end of the U. It was a terrifying way to start my day. After letting my heart settle, I thought I'd experienced the worst that Valleyfair had to offer.

I was wrong.

Watch me conquer Wild Thing...or something like that.

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