I recently found myself out at one of St. Cloud area's seemingly hidden gems -- Milk & Honey Ciders.

Though a craft beer enthusiast, I actually credit hard cider as the beginning of my journey into adult beverages. After reaching legal drinking age, I found myself disappointed that I didn't actually care for the taste of beer. I remember taking first sips of commercial beer and dumping the rest down the drain. It was after a friend introduced me to hard cider, however, that I found an appreciation for alcohol and a drink that would be my beverage of choice for a long time.


I eventually began exploring the world of beer again (thanks to Minnesota's thriving craft beer scene) to better results and even even begun a beer adventure blog with my wife. But this particular post is about returning to where it all began for me in the new context of one of St. Cloud's own neighborhood cideries.

Milk & Honey Ciders in St. Joseph is keeping things simple, probably much like they did in the early days of cider. Working with land and weather that can be -- at times -- tumultuous, they manage to produce ciders that are calm and orderly.

Watch a recap of my visit in the video below and begin planning your own soon!

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