A Minnesota daughter's love for her father has been reaching people across the globe. Jennifer Elizabeth O'Keefe wanted to do something special for her dad, Robert John O'Keefe aka Bob, on his 71st birthday.

The Saint Paul resident had a pretty big goal. She wanted to get photos of people posing with birthday greetings for her dad from each Minnesota city and town.

She asked strangers to send her photos holding handwritten cards that read; "Bob, your daughter's love for you is so big that it has reached [insert town name here]."

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Jennifer's plan was to make a collage for her father with all of the messages. She never expected the response she got. "I had a gal have her husband write one from Kuwait. I cried," said Jennifer.

The messages didn't stop there. Jennifer's love reached Spain, Sweden, Canada, Ireland, Alaska, and about 300 more places around the world.

As an only child, O'Keefe said she wanted to do something special for her dad because, "Honestly, we have had a rough couple of years. My mom was in a serious car accident, then my dad had surgery and a cancer scare … That same year my dad's beloved mother also passed away."

And, then she said something that would certainly bring a tear to most parents' eyes, "I wanted to do something super special for him to show him how much I love him and to thank him for being my dad."

O'Keefe's surprise was a year in the making and reached every state in the U.S. Even though her message had wrapped around the world, it was a complete surprise to her father.

Bob's birthday was July 8. He had no idea he was going to be showered with messages from strangers across the globe.

"My dad was flabbergasted. He couldn't believe I did this," O'Keefe said.

There's just one place Jennifer says she wishes she could have gotten a photo from, "I really want someone in Antarctica!"

You can keep the love going and send your photo to Jennifer by emailing her at brunogirl28@yahoo.com.

Oh, and Bob, your daughter's love for you is so big that it's reached all of central Minnesota!

MN Daughter's Love Reaches Across The World



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