It's that season- Halloween season.  There are haunted attractions all over the place.  Some seem better than others... this one is a haunted basement bar...haunted with booze.  Sounds fun.  Or, could be dangerous.

This haunted basement bar is located in Robbinsdale and it really does look like it would be an evening of fun adult entertainment.  Their website describes the haunted basement bar like this:

Something wicked this way comes to the Basement Bar this October! We’ve teamed up with the horrifically talented Haunted Basement to set the stage for an all-new lineup of curated cocktail flights and a la carte eats based on our favorite horror movie classics. Come see our space transformed once again by these masters of mayhem and then drink to forget!

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You get to choose the "flight" you would like when you book your reservations.  Yes, they do require reservations.  Seems like the norm right now for any events of this type.  They also have different types of experiences.  If you don't drink alcohol, there is a flight just for you!  That one is the "rated G" experience.  And they go up from there, just like movie ratings.  PG-13, and R.  The prices go up depending on the flight you choose as well.  Starts at $45 and goes up to $75.  Then you can also add other drinks/shots to your flight for an extra fee.

There are several food options to choose from too.  It sounds like a great time to get a group together and head an hour up the road to Robbinsdale and enjoy a night out.  You can see all the details here along with how to make a reservation for the experience you would like.

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