This precious kitty cat deserves some extra attention. My good friend Vicki Davis from The Tri County Humane Society tells his story:

"This boy cat named Sue came to TCHS with a sad story. At 14 years of age, he suddenly found himself homeless after his owner died unexpectedly at the young age of 35. When he arrived at Tri-County Humane Society, it was clear that he had some major needs that had been left unmet for quite some time."

"All of his teeth were in a serious state of decay, to the point that it was difficult for him to eat or groom himself. A dental was immediately scheduled in which a number of teeth needed to be extracted, so he was placed in foster care to rest and recover. He is now feeling much better and is ready to find love again! **We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Pine Cone Pet Hospital for donating Sue's dental services!**"


This sweet old man is very laid back and enjoys being brushed - which is a good thing because he has a lot of small matts that we are slowly trying to brush out since he was not able to groom himself. He absolutely LOVES chin and cheek scratches now that his mouth is no longer in pain, and he will even lean in and start to drool! We believe he would do best in a quiet, indoor home.

Prior to arriving at TCHS, he was temporarily housed with a family that had two small children. Sue spent two weeks hiding under their bed, although it is unclear if this was because he didn't care for the children or if it was because he simply didn't feel well. We were told he only ate canned food, which is probably why his teeth got so bad. Since so many teeth needed to be extracted during his dental, he is still restricted to a wet food diet, and might need to remain on wet food indefinitely. All in all, his health and his spirits are on the mend, and the only thing that could improve his life even further would be to get adopted!


Sue's adoption fee is only $10 - and even that would be waived for senior citizens, veterans or active military personnel. We just want to get him a good home. If you are not able to adopt Sue, please share his story with others to help him find a home and consider a tax-deductible donation to help him and other local pets in need like him.
Call 320-252-0896 to place a deposit on Sue.

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