Would you go to a bar that was for adults 30 years old or older only? Being recently in my 40's I'd full heartedly say YES please! Actually, I wouldn't be disappointed if a bar or even a bar night like this came to the St. Cloud area or even somewhere in Minnesota. I'd want to visit it at least once and more if it was closer.

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But I am getting way ahead of myself. What made me even bring this up? Turns out there is such a bar that I speak of and it's in Los Angeles. Last week a couple of cute gals were trying to get into Melody's Sports Bar & Grill in L.A. and they were denied access because they were under the age of 30. They learned that Friday and Saturday the bar only allows adults 30+ into the bar.

The one, @chergoodeats, shared the experience via TikTok, so here they are explaining a bit more about it.

Granted they seemed disappointed they couldn't get in, but they didn't seem overly mad. They actually appeared to be stunned that a bar was doing this. Looking a little more into the responses though is what really made me laugh and say yes, I feel this, I really feel this.

My favorite was from an Eric Schneider whose reply -

All the 30 year olds like “take me to the promise land”

has garnered over 24,000 likes already.

But others, like from get your priorities straight, who wrote -

you will appreciate this when you hit 30 😂😂

is NOT wrong. Also don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED my 20's and had a blast. But it was in my 30's I realized how annoying I was at times. If you are in your 20's right now, trust me when I say no one purposely tries to be, those of us older have been there and get it more than you know. You should be enjoying your 20's to it's fullest.

When you finally do get 30 (or older like me) just trust those of us already here, you'll love a bar like this and you'll think things like what Erika Cortes wrote:

Why am I now learning that there’s 30 and up bars!? That seems nice. I bet the bathrooms are clean

But until then, please enjoy every minute of your 20's and if you're already 30+ like me...trust me when I say go read the rest of the comments for a good laugh and lets work on this 30+ only night at a bar near us soon!

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