Los Del Rio (Antonio Romeo Monge and Rafael Ruiz) are a Spanish flamenco-pop duo. "Macarena" was the first hit for Los Del Rio since 1962 and their only hit in the US.

In 1993 the song was originally released on a Spanish label, the following year the American label BMG bought the Spanish label and set out to make "Macarena" a hit in America.
The English version was marketed to dance clubs and cruise ships, then released it as a single in 1995, when the Macarena dance craze hit America, the song went to #1 in July of 1996 and stayed there for 14 weeks.
Los Del Rio got their inspiration to record while on a trip to Venezuela when they spotted a  Diana Patricia (a flamenco dancer),when the song became a hit, she became known in Venezuela as "Macarena."
Los Del Rio, "Macarena":

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