It's beginning to look a lot like...spring...time? We've been experiencing a rare December heatwave! Seriously, if there's ever a time where Minnesotans want the snow more than anything, it's for Christmas. We want that picture perfect snow globe atmosphere over the holidays--it's why we don't live in Florida. Here are some things we all do when the temperatures are expected in the 40's a week before Christmas.


1. Go outside--Even if it's just to finally check your mail for the first time since November. There will be dogs and babies everywhere today.

2. Complain that you can't snowmobile--We all know that snowmobiling enthusiast who curses the nice weather. It'll be a topic at work today for sure!

3. Grill--Our crock pots get a break and we bust out the grill. If one neighbor does it, it sets a chain reaction.

4. Talk about the weather to everyone you know--Sometimes we don't even recognize we're doing it. We're from Minnesota so it just happens. You'll be out Christmas shopping and someone asks if you need help finding something...You reply 'no, thanks.' But, then you also ask them if they've noticed how warm it's been and tell them how warm it's supposed to be tomorrow.

5. Wash your car--You can't tell what color most vehicles are this time of year. If you're wondering how many days below 20 degrees we've had, just look at the color of everyone's car.

6. Clean the garage--Because, have you seen the dirt buildup from your car? It's gross and you've been itching to clean it up.

7. Go without jackets--Because we're Minnesota tough. I think we like our relatives and friends in other states to think we're a little crazy. It's a badge of honor.

8. Shop--I honestly don't understand why we do this. When it's nice outside we go INSIDE to the mall and spend our time shopping indoors. I used to work at the mall and we were slammed with customers every time the weather was nice.

9. Freak out about global warming--there's always the one guy at the office who will tell you how much snow they used to get when they were a kid. The snow drifts were always taller than they were.


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