It was recently reported by CNN that the U.S. Navy confirmed the leaked UFO video footage is real. They didn't specify what the objects in the video are, but they said they were unidentified and it's not an internet hoax.

There was also a large event that was organized online to storm Area 51 this September. Aliens, UFO's and conspiracy theories have been a hot topic lately.

But, did you know, according to the National UFO Reporting Center, Minnesota has had 84 UFO sightings since the start of 2019? It's true. Two of those sightings were reported this month alone.

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On Sept. 1 someone reported a 'flame-like' object in Maple Grove. It was spotted around 10:37 p.m.It lasted about three minutes. The spotter grabbed binoculars to see the object closer. This person noted there was no visible shape but looked like a ball of fire.

On Sept. 17 another person reported seeing an unidentified object floating in the air near Hastings for about 45 minutes. The couple thought it was a star but, 'then it started moving up and down, side to side at 90 degree angles'. The man video taped the object with his phone moving at impossible angles.

The most recent sighting in St. Cloud happened on July 4 around 8:15 p.m. and lasted for about 20 minutes. There were no more details provided.

Here's a breakdown of all of this year's UFO sightings by month;

January: 3
February: 1
March: 9
April: 14
May: 22
July: 10
August: 13
September: 2

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