So when I was a kid growing up in the 80's, one of my most favorite shows on TV was 'V The Visitors'. If you remember, it was a pretty low budget miniseries that involved aliens coming to earth. The special effects were pretty cool (for the time) and the actors were mostly unknowns. We would pretend to be the earthlings fighting the Visitors on the playground. We even incorporated a love story. Of course, I was Michael Donavan (Marc Singer) and my crew was the rest of the uprising.

Jump to spring 2010.  I was amazed and excited that 'V' was being re-booted! Although hoping it would stay true to most of the story and plot lines, I did wish to see some new characters and sub-plots. I watched all 6 episodes. Then they pulled it for more production.

So I've waited 20+ years and an extra year for this show. I hope they don't let me down. Here is a review I found that may ease the pain of being let down. Again.

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