Minnesota is so great that we have our own day...and it just so happens to be TODAY! According to the site National Day Calendar, each state is celebrated in the order they entered the union.


So, when did Minnesota become a state? I'm so glad you asked. Minnesota became the 32nd state in 1858. So, yeah, we're old. How the heck do you celebrate and observe National Minnesota Day? Well, that's easy...

1. Eat lots of hot dish
2. Shovel your driveway...we've got 2-4 inches of snow ready for us tonight
3. Kick snow boogers off the bottom of your car
4. Take an extra long time saying goodbye to anyone and everyone today
5. Find a way to slip the topic of weather into all of your conversations
6. Shop local and support your Minnesota based businesses
7. Go on a tour of some of Minnesota's landmarks and popular tourist destinations. I plan to hit up the Minnesota Zoo this weekend!
8. Brag about your state on social media...people from Wisconsin love that!

By the way, it's no coincidence that our wonderful holiday also lands on the best day of the week! Happy Friday, friends!

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