We're heading into a major holiday weekend for many Minnesotans. Those who celebrate Easter in our state do so in a very similar way as their neighbors. How many of the things on this list have you experienced at an Easter celebration?


1. Mountain of muddy shoes--because no one ever takes off their shoes and lines them up nicely. We all have to climb over a pile of wet muddy shoes to get to the action.

2. Coat room--our family celebrations get so large that we need to designate a bedroom for our coats. Usually everyone's coat gets thrown into a pile on a bed in the guest room.

3. Coconut Easter Bunny cake--I thought for the longest time that it was just my mom who made these beautiful works of art...then, I started going to other people's Easter celebrations (past relationships) and realized that they're a staple at everyone's celebration.

4. Minnesota Sushi--If you've never had Minnesota Sushi, my guess is that you're not originally from Minnesota. This pickle, ham and cream cheese dish has been called by many names like ham roll ups, pickle roll up, etc. But, my favorite name is Minnesota Sushi.

5. Bowls of jelly beans--Does anyone actually even eat these things? The only jelly beans I've ever liked have been the Jolly Rancher brand. Everything else makes my stomach turn.

6. Decorated hard boiled eggs--They don't just show up as cute colorful decoration on the table...they're worked into everything. A Minnesota Easter celebration might have egg salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, pickled eggs, etc. You can tell they've been colored too because a little bit of the dye from the shell always gets on the actual egg white. If you love eggs then you're in luck...if you don't love eggs, you're kind of in for a very long day.

7. Egg hunts--When the weather permits, people usually take their egg hunts outdoors. I feel like it's the only day of the year where you'll see kids actually look for anything longer than 5 seconds.

8. Kids table vs. adult table--usually the kids get their own table that they sit at together. You will really understand how your family views you depending on which table they assign you to. I am a 28-year-old mom who still has a seat at the kid's table.

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