A rainy day isn't so bad every now and again. Here are a few reasons why rainy days are awesome in Central Minnesota!

1. Outside Jobs Get Rain Days. - Living with two construction workers, I learned that rain days are like Christmas in the middle of summer.

2. Frizzy Hair = A chance to rock that new hat you bought.

3. Dark skies are awesome for napping - No need for black out curtains when the sky is already dark!

4. Inside Activities Are Encouraged - Summer reading for the kids, getting chores done that have been put off, it is all encouraged on rainy days because what else are you going to do?


5. Blanket Forts - I don't know what it is about rainy days but it just makes me want to build a giant blanket fort.

6. Crock Pot Cooking - Even if it isn't necessarily cold outside, it looks cold, so you might as well use the crock pot.

7. Less Garden Work - You don't need to spend time watering the flowers and garden if Mother Nature does it for you!

8. Shopping Excuse - Whether it is getting out of the house and moseying around Mills Fleet Farm, or spending an afternoon window shopping around Crossroads Mall, rainy days are the perfect ones to do it.


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