The Twins home opener is coming up Thursday, March 28!

While you could see the 3:10pm game time start as a midday nuisance, you could also see it as an opportunity to play some old-fashioned hooky and make memories with the kids!

Here are eight reasons you should pull the kids from school and take them to the Twins home opener instead:

1. The projected weather forecast for the day is almost 60 degrees with little to no chance of rain! Do you need a better reason to spend a Spring afternoon outside?!

2. New family friendly concession prices will get you hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, peanuts, popcorn, soda and beer for less than $5!

3. Peanut Butter Bacon Sandwiches. Speaking of food, Target Field announced a new food that would make the Minnesota State Fair envious -- PB & bacon sandwiches! Need we say more?

4. The kids will love it! Some of my favorite childhood memories are when my parents pulled me from school for a "family day" to the city together!

5. You'll be the "cool" parent. Sure, some other parents may judge you for letting your kids skip school for a baseball game, but when your kids go to school the next day talking about how they skipped school to go see the Twins home opener the day before, you know all the other kids will be jealous and wish their parents were as cool as you!

6. Local celebrity Har Mar Superstar aka Sean Tillman will be singing the National Anthem. If you don't know Har Mar Superstar, he's a Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter/actor best described as -- simply -- eclectic. His performance of the National Anthem will likely be respectfully low-key, fitting for the occasion. Then, again, it is Har Mar, so who knows...

7. You'll get a Twins puffer vest! The first 30,000 fans to walk through the gates will get a Twins puffer vest. Doors open at 1:00pm, though, so you probably won't want to show up just before the 3:10pm game start.

8. Most importantly, you'll make some great memories! My in-laws enforce something called "forced family fun" when they're together. Forced fun doesn't necessarily sound fun, I know; but the point is, they're spending intentional quality time together. Forced or not, your day out with the kids at the Twins home opener will certainly create memories that may last a lifetime.

Get your tickets to the Twins home opener Thursday, March 28 here!

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