The Twins 2019 Winter Caravan is coming up January 22 at the River's Edge Convention Center. Adult tickets are $6, kids are free (but they still need a free kids ticket). If you're planning on joining us for a night of baseball fun, here are some pro tips you should know before the event.


1. Grab your tickets early. They're on-sale now at our radio station's front desk. That's the only place you can buy them other than at the front door on event day. Don't risk it selling out. Get your tickets early.

2. Show up early and sit in the front. Spots fill up fast and if you're in the front row you'll be the first in line to meet the players.

3. Don't make dinner. We'll be serving up a ball park style meal free with your event ticket. You'll be able to enjoy a hot dog, chips and a beverage for free.

4. Bring something to get signed. Not only will you get to hear the players speak, you'll also get a chance to get one item signed.

5. Bring a camera. You'll definitely want to remember meeting some of your favorite Twins players. You'll have the chance to snap a photo with them too.

6. Bring questions. Do you have a burning baseball question you want answered? Write it down and bring it with you. There's a Q and A session after their presentation.

7. Do wear your Twins gear. It's just fun and it'll get everyone fired up for baseball season.

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