Winter enthusiasts get ready, because your time is almost here! We've actually been receiving snow around Minnesota since the end of last week. Which for those that have been anticipating starting their winter activities, I've got good news. It's almost time to hit the slopes here in Minnesota.

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Skiing is something I've always imagined myself doing, but in every scenario I always end up on my butt. But maybe this will be the year I can conquer the bunny hill! A girl can dream can't she?!

For the rest of you who actually know how to stay up right when on skis or a snowboard, here's a list of Minnesota Ski resorts that are opening real soon so you can plan accordingly, starting with the soonest.

Wild Mountain had originally projected that their opening day would be Saturday, November 19...but good news is they are NOW OPEN!

Website says opening date is tentatively set for Thursday, November 18 or by weekend as they had a new post on Facebook saying:

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Announced recently, they're opening date is set to kick off the weekend on Friday, November 18. Here are a few other good announcements you might want to know about!

They state on their website,

We strive to stay open as long as possible & late in the season! We start making snow as early as end of October to start the season out!


With that said, they confidently and excitedly report they open Saturday, November 19.

Where, as they say on their website, they offer

Midwest's only true mountain ski area experience. Four interconnected peaks overlooking Lake Superior bring big mountain skiing with Up North authenticity.

They're opening date is also Saturday, November 19 and with plenty of new snow, I'd say they'll be good to go, but here's a little more on that:

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  • This resort Up North, described on their website, is,

    Nestled in the north woods of the Superior National Forest Giants Ridge is the #1-rated family vacation destination in Minnesota with incredible four-season fun and adventure for everyone.

    You can purchase your season passes already but their expected open date is Friday, November 25 and it looks like they'll be ready:

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A little about this particular treasure, as explained on their website:

A forested, hilly oasis in the Central Hillside neighborhood, the park has provided a safe and welcoming environment for generations of Minnesotans in which to enjoy the great outdoors.

Also, for anyone who has visited before, there will be a little bit of a change this year when they open the slopes, tentatively set for December 10.


Now all you winter enthusiasts hit the slopes, be safe and have fun this winter!

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