This weekend many of us will be celebrating the 4th of July early. Fireworks, BBQ's, lake time and lots of sun exposure. This is my first 4th of July as a dog mom and honestly I am a little worried about how Norman will handle everything, mainly the fireworks. It's a lot for the little guy to be exposed to. Here are the tips I found online to help dogs and their people get through the weekend!

Tip #1: White Noise - Plug in fans, or leave the TV or radio on. This is really important if you plan to leave your dog alone in the house. That little background noise could drown out the sound of explosions just enough for your pup.

Tip #2: Thunder Shirt or anxiety wrap - Thunder Shirts are a great investment if you have an anxious dog. Another option is to stick your dog in a snug t-shirt. This will make them feel swaddled and secure. You can even "hack" it and make your own with a first aid bandage!


Tip #3: Kennels - When it comes to Norman we call it quarantine. He's only allowed in one room where he can't get into any trouble if he goes on a wild streak. If you are at the cabin and there isn't a room your dog is super used to, putting them in the kennel will help. Make sure where ever they are, they feel comfortable and safe.

Tip #4: Distractions - This will only work with mildly panicked dogs. Give them a raw hide or their favorite toy to chew on. If your dog REALLY hates fireworks then this will not work.

Tip #5: Don't Smother Them - This is what I would be guilty of being a new dog mom. Apparently giving them too much attention and smothering them is NOT what should be done when they are freaking out. This will only reinforce the behavior.

Tip #6: Don't Ignore Them - It is all about finding a balance. Your dog trusts you to keep them safe. Find that fine line of keeping them calm and enjoying the Fourth Celebrations!

What has worked to calm your dog down in the past? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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