You've probably heard the term 'Minnesota nice'--and it's totally true (most of the time). However, Minnesotans are like everyone...if you push our buttons we'll push back. I was born and raised in St. Cloud, so it's safe to say I've started to notice what makes this place tick. Now, you're probably wondering what triggers us? If you're from St. Cloud you've got a set of very specific things that are likely to set you off.


1. Confusing Tech and Apollo High School--People from outside of central Minnesota will sometimes pair the two together or confuse them altogether. The schools are very different, and big rivals to boot.

2. Traffic on Division--There's really nothing worse than traffic on Division. I've been in some pretty bad traffic situations in my life and nothing has given me more stress than Division Street.

3. Pronouncing outlying town names wrong--How would you pronounce Duelm, Ogilvie, or Pease to a St. Cloud resident? The answer better be, right. Otherwise, you're going to get one frustrated St. Cloud resident.

4. Round-a-bouts--When the city first started installing these things, you would have thought someone died. People in town were NOT happy about them and would often use them wrong. Things have gotten better now that we've all had time to adjust.

5. Talking about St. Cloud Superman--Just don't do it. You're just asking for angry comments from St. Cloud residents.

6. Gas prices--everyone always says that St. Cloud has some of the most expensive gas prices in the area. It definitely seems true. If you try to argue this with someone from our area, you're just going to make enemies.

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