I've been trying to eat healthier lately in an effort to give my body a detox. I decided that I'd go completely gluten free and dairy free and sugar free (for the most part) and alcohol free for an entire week and see how I felt by the end. I've also been making sure to drink enough water throughout the day.I really didn't have high expectations going into this, but here's what's happened so far!


1. I noticed that I've got a lot more energy, especially in the morning. I used to roll out of bed, feeling like I needed a lot more sleep. This week I noticed several times I woke up before my alarm clock. I also don't feel tired after work like I usually do. I just feel like I have a lot more energy.

2. My skin has cleared up. It's crazy because I used to blame my breakouts on my makeup...but, now I feel like my diet had a lot to do with it. This week, my skin has totally cleared and healed.

3. I've lost 4.5 pounds without trying to. I'm still eating good sized portions and 4-5 meals a day. I just haven't been eating any dairy, gluten or sugar. I also am NOT counting calories. I'm eating when I'm hungry.

4. After eating meals, I feel full a lot longer than I used to. Before, I'd grab a muffin and feel super hungry 20 minutes later. This week, I've been eating veggie omelets with a side of fruit and almonds--I don't feel hungry for 4-6 hours. It's actually crazy.

5. It was tough to drink more water at first, it felt like a chore. But, I'm on day 7 of this and I realize that my body actually tells me when it's time to drink water. I feel thirsty and my throat starts to feel dry if I don't drink to the level I have been.

6. If you know how to use the right spices, any veggie can taste amazing. I made a super healthy chilly that was all meat, beans and vegetables. It was so delicious. I had that for like 4 straight meals. I guess, I never knew what a huge game changer spices could be. My mom wasn't really a spice user when I was growing up. We had salt and pepper.

This week has actually been so successful in kick-starting my energy again that I'm going to continue to take this day by day. I know, I must be a crazy lady trying to go gluten free, dairy free and sugar free during the Minnesota State Fair. Life is about balance and everything in moderation.

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