We're just eight days into 2019. January 15 is the typical day when  most people end up throwing in the towel on their New Year's Resolutions. It's not because they don't want to accomplish their goals, it's because they lose their motivation. Spoiler alert...motivation can't be sustained long term. Everyone loses motivation at some point. So, motivation can't be the only thing driving you.

I listen to motivational speaker and entrepreneur Tony Robbins every morning while I get ready for work. It's been part of my daily routine since September. I've learned a few things about goal setting that I think will be valuable to you as you push forward in the New Year.

The first step should actually be to make a goal...everyone should have something they are working toward, otherwise, what's the point? But, I'm going to assume you already have a goal in mind.


1. Make your goals as detailed as possible--You can't measure your success if you don't even really know what results you're trying to get. If you want to lose weight then write down how many times a week you plan to go to the gym, what your calorie allowance is going to be everyday, what days you plan to meal prep, what foods you are going to eat, what size you want to get down to, what your plan is going to be when you're friends and family want to go out to a restaurant, etc. If you don't get detailed, you're probably not going to be successful long term.

2. Stop looking at the mountain. If you're trying to lose weight but you've been unsuccessful in the past it's probably because you're looking at the negatives. People who look at the huge mountain they have to climb to achieve their goal usually get intimidated. If you focus on the pain, you're going to lose drive. Instead, just focus on the one reason why you want to do something--focus on the result.

3. Action is key. We can all talk a big game about anything. We are all filled with so many wishes. Knowledge isn't the ultimate power because as Tony Robbins says, "execution trumps knowledge any day of the week." You don't need to have all of the answers, just get moving in a direction.

4. Go deeper--If your goal is to lose weight, what is it for? What is the real reason you want to lose weight? Is it to feel more confident, be healthier, to get back on the dating scene, etc. Connect with your goal on the most emotional level you can because that will create a hunger.

5. Get hungry--Your goal needs to inspire a strong emotional response from you that makes it hard to think about anything else. Become obsessed with what you're going after. There's probably something you have in your life right now that you were so hungry for at one point, you did everything you could to get it. Maybe for you it was getting your degree, perusing a relationship, getting healthy, landing a dream job, etc.

6. Review often--Many of us set goals in the New Year and then don't look at those goals again until the following year when we realize we've failed. Spoiler alert...you're going to fail at some point. That's why review is key. If you look at the goal you wrote down for yourself monthly, weekly and even daily you'll increase the opportunities you have to change your direction. If you're off course, you can put yourself back on course.

If you follow these 6 steps, you'll get results. Good luck in accomplishing your goals in 2019!

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