There are several websites that like to talk about dumb sunset laws on the books for Minnesota. These are laws that were allegedly a 'thing' back in the day, never got taken off the books, but no one follows them. The site Minnesota Fun Facts did some research into these bizarre laws and found that while some are true, most of them are fiction. Below are the six sunset laws we've all heard, that just aren't true.

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  • Have you ever heard the dumb law about not being able to cross state lines with a duck on your head? There are no state laws restricting, you can wear a duck on your head and cross state lines. We're not sure how this rumor got started.
  • Similar to the law stated above, if you've ever heard it's illegal to go to Wisconsin with a chicken on your head, it's not true. It sounds like a funny law but it's fiction.
  • Bathtubs are NOT required to have feet. There's nothing on the books that states so. Pretty much every Minnesotan would be in violation of this law if it were true, but it's not.
  • If you've ever heard that you can't park your elephant on main street, someone misinformed you. There's no Minnesota law containing the word 'elephant'.
  • There's a rumor that all Minnesota children under 12 need to be supervised by a parent when they're on the phone. No such law actually exists. It may be a rule in your household, but it's not legislation.
  • Ever hear that a woman isn't allowed to cut her own hair without her husband's consent? Uh, yeah, that's not a real law. It's the work of fiction, again.

There are definitely some old laws that still exist that'll make you scratch your head and think twice. Unfortunately, these 'stupid laws' are just works of fiction.

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