If you're a big fan of the trivia show 'Jeopardy' get excited for this one! There's a website called J-Archive that lets you keyword search topics and tell you how many times your search has been a topic on the show. It will also tell you how many people from your hometown have been part of the show too. Cool, huh?!

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I wanted to know how many people from St. Cloud have ever made it onto Jeopardy. I don't recall ever hearing about anyone. I was surprised when my searched turned up FIVE results. Check out the people who represented St. Cloud on one of America's favorite game shows.

  • Eric Heaton, a software engineer from St. Cloud was a contestant on season 22 in 2006.
  • Bob Lahr, owner of St. Cloud DQ on 25th Avenue, was a contestant on season 16 in 2000.
  • Gary Bechtold, owner of American Door Works, was on season 26. According to the archive, he's a 3 time champion.
  • NIck Yozamp, a student from St. Cloud was a Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist in 2010.
  • Katie Ganfield from St. Cloud was on season 27 in 2010.
Do you recognize anyone from on our list? Is there someone from St. Cloud that was on the show that we missed? Comment below.

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