Most of the men in my family are deer hunters, so I know what can happen when you forget some of these deer hunting essentials. I'm not talking about your gun, your gear and your food. Those things are obvious items that you're not very likely to forget. But, these five things are often overlooked and can ruin your trip.


1. Clean underwear -- I don't care what anyone says. When you're sitting in a tree with deer pee all over yourself, sweating in your gear, you definitely need to change your underwear. PLEASE for everyone else's sake, bring a fresh pair. And, don't give me the whole "deer can smell your laundry detergent" excuse either. If they can smell that, they can definitely smell your brand.

2. Toilet paper -- This is one of those items that you assume someone else remembered to bring. It's better to have too many roles than not enough. Otherwise, you're going to be getting pretty close and personal to the leaves on the ground.

3. Toothbrush -- When you're sitting in a cabin eating junk food for multiple days on end, you definitely need to brush your chompers. If you forget your toothbrush, you'll practically be begging to go home and clean your teeth.

4. Plates and forks -- This is on here because it's happened to the men in my family. They remember all of the snacks and crock pots of food their wives and girlfriends have made them, but when it comes time to eat it there's not a plate or utensil to be found. That's a trip ruin-er.

5. Pillows -- Sleeping in a bed that's not your own can be super uncomfortable. Soften the blow by bringing your own pillows. You don't want a super stiff neck when you have to sit in a tree stand all day. That's no one's idea of a fun time.

Good luck hunting!

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