Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. A day to really evaluate what we do in our daily lives and what changes we can make to leave Earth in better shape than we originally found it. But recycling and caring for our planet shouldn't be a once a year thing. It should ideally be everyday! Here are a few ideas of how we can help the planet during our everyday lives in Central Minnesota!


1. Pick it up. - if you see garbage while out on a walk, pick it up and put it in the nearest trash can. It's so simple, yet even I overlook doing it. No one wants to pick up other people's garbage, it's gross. But if we don't then who will?

2. BYOB - Bring your own bag. - I'm a forgetful person, so reusable grocery bags don't cross my mind until I'm swiping my card at the Coborn's checkout. But I started keeping the tote bags in the front seat of my car and that seems to help!

3. No straws. - Lots of cities across the US are starting to ban straws to cut down on plastic waste. Could St. Cloud be next? The next time you are Down Town ask for no straw. Chances are good you won't miss it!

4. Shop and Donate Second Hand - Savers, Goodwill, Plato's Closet, Clothes Mentor, Ragstock, there are so many options in the St. Cloud area to donate old clothing too, and to shop for gently used clothing at! Plus you just never know what you will find!

5. Get a group together and make a day of giving back to Mother Earth - Revolver Studios, a dance studio in St. Cloud, has a community of people that are gathering together on April 22nd to do a big Earth Day clean up of the SCSU campus neighborhood! Get some friends together and make an afternoon of picking up trash and making the world a better place!

How will you be celebrating Earth Day? Let us know by snapping a pic and sending it to us on our new mobile app!

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