Eyes are super important, and there are certain things that you should and shouldn't do to take proper care of them. Here are 5 of the things we should never do!

1. Don't Skip the Eye Doctor - Good vision starts here. Everyone should have their eyes examined once a year, whether you wear glasses or not. Eye doctors are there to catch the things we don't always see like tumors or broken blood vessels. Don't keep pushing off your appointment!

2. Don't Wear Eyeliner to Bed - Guilty. So guilty. Doing this can cause your glands around your eye to clog, irritate your skin and cause acne to form. I am notorious for not taking my eye makeup off before bed. Looks like I have another habit that needs breaking.

3. Don't Put Eyeliner on Your Waterline - The waterline is the part of the eyelid behind the eyelashes. Putting eyeliner there can cause bacteria to get too close to your eye and cause irritation. You're better off keeping the makeup outside the lash line.

4. Replace Your Contact Solution - If it is old an expired, just toss it out and get fresh stuff. It isn't as effective and can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

5.Don't Use Visine Every Day - This eye drop solution works by shrinking the blood vessels in your eyes, eliminating the bloodshot look. But if you use it everyday you are actually more likely to get bloodshot eyes. If this is an issue you're better off seeing an eye doctor and getting drops that won't wreck your eyes.

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