When I was a kid we'd celebrate Groundhog Day in school and eagerly await Punxsutawney Phil's weather prediction. I'd always cross my fingers for an early spring, but it feels like we were always destined for at least 6 more weeks of winter in Minnesota regardless of what Phil said. I think this year, we're all ready for an early spring after the 2020 we've had. Being stuck inside for another six weeks is about the last thing we all want. So here are five things you should know and expect going into Groundhog Day tomorrow.

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1. Punxsutawney Phil doesn't actually predict the weather. Sorry if we're ruining anyone's dreams here. The weather prediction is decided ahead of time.

1. The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting snow through March. So, don't pack away your snow pants just yet.

3. With that being said, the Old Farmer's Almanac says Minnesota is expected to have an earlier spring than normal that'll be drier and warmer.

4. The Punxsutawney Phil we'll see on TV tomorrow isn't the original. They've had at least 18 different groundhogs play the part over the years.

5. According to EarthSky.org, Groundhog Day predictions have only been correct about 40 percent of the time. You'd have better luck believing the opposite of what the groundhog predicts.

Celebrating Groundhog Day is still a really fun tradition even if Phil's weather predictions aren't totally reliable. The holiday itself is a sign of spring. So, sit back and enjoy the fun of Groundhog Day.

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