Ever scrolled through Instagram and thought, "I literally see the same people posting the same things every time I'm on here."? I have. Maybe it's time to add something fresh to your newsfeed!

Here are five Instagram accounts in the St. Cloud area worth following:

Nadine is a family and senior high photographer doing stunning work out of Rice, MN.

Rob's a hairdresser rocking awesome work in St. Cloud! Contact him through Instagram.

Visit St. Cloud is a crowd-sourced account featuring some of the best people, events, sights and activities in the Greater St. Cloud area. Use #VisitStCloud to be featured!

Apricot Lanes St. Cloud -- located on Division Street in St. Cloud -- was voted Best of Central Minnesota's-Best Boutique 2017!

Dan Mondloch is a 3rd generation painter, following in the footsteps of my parents and great grandfather, balancing studio art, commissions, murals, and teaching.

Have a favorite St. Cloud area Instagram account or want to be featured? Share a link or Instagram handle in the comments sections!


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